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Primed4U Unveils Hybrid iPhone 6 Case Technology With Ultra Slim Drop And Scratch Protection Design

New York, NY (USA)

Primed4U, a manufacturer and retailer of smartphone accessories, has unveiled a new breakthrough in iPhone 6 case design that will finally provide users with a lightweight, slim protective solution to complement the proportions of the iPhone 6. The design is found exclusively in the Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case.

Part of the appeal of Apple’s newest iPhone model, the iPhone 6, is its slim profile. The phone measures just 6.9 millimeters in thickness, making it one of the thinnest smartphones ever made.

Until the release of the Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case, it was difficult for users who were concerned with the safety of their smartphones to get the full benefits of the slim design. Smartphone cases that could provide adequate shock absorbance and scratch protection were thick and bulky, so they greatly increased the size of the iPhone 6.

When asked about how the idea for the hybrid case design emerged, Linda McNeil of Primed4U, explained, “Our research found that consumers were limited to two main types of cases: protective thick hard polycarbonate cases that were thick or more flexible, but less protective TPU cases. We discovered that by combining these two materials into one case, we could keep the thickness to a minimum without compromising the level of protection.”

Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case features a protective polycarbonate outer shell that provides ample protection from scratches. The hard plastic also helps to protect the corners from damage if an iPhone is dropped. Beneath the polycarbonate layer is a layer of flexible TPU that absorbs shocks. The insulation and padding that the inner layer provides reduces the need for a thick polycarbonate exterior. Despite its advanced technology, the smartphone case retails for just $14.99 on

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