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Primed4U Announces Release Of Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

New York, NY (USA)

Primed4U, a manufacturer and retailer of iPhone cases and mobile device accessories, has announced that their latest product, the Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless HeadPhones, is now available for purchase from the Amazon marketplace.

The Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are wireless headphones that pair with mobile devices using BlueTooth 4.0 & EDR technology. Its universal connectivity allows the headphones to be used with iOS and Android devices as well as with computers, laptops and other devices that use Bluetooth.

Key features of the Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless HeadPhones include:

– Signal enhancement technology that allows for pairing with devices up to 10 meters away

– Sweatproof design for workouts

– Integrated microphone for making calls

– Long battery life with 4 to 6 hours of talk time and up to 150 hours of stand-by time

– Micro USB rechargeable functionality with cable included

– Ergonomic earpiece design with multiple white and black silicone earpieces included with each pair of earphones

– Controls for answering calls and adjusting volume for ease of use

– High-fidelity stereo audio technology for crystal clear sound quality whether listening to music or talking

– Noise reduction technology to eliminate background noise

– High fashion design with five colors available: Green, Blue, Hot Pink, Black and Orange

– Lifetime guarantee on every pair sold

When asked about the Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, Michael Martin of Primed4U explained, “We designed the Novelty Series with active lifestyles in mind. Our goal was to create wireless earbuds that were fashionable, yet still durable and capable of producing sound of unparalleled quality. We believe we’ve succeeded, and we’re anxious to bring our design to the market.”

For more information about the headphones or to purchase a pair, please visit

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