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Primed4U Unveils Innovative Ultra Slim Iphone 6 Case Design That Provides 360 Degree Drop Protection

New York, NY (USA)

Primed4U, a designer and retailer of iPhone 6 cases and accessories, has developed an iPhone 6 case design that provides maximum drop protection for smartphones without the bulk added by competitors’ products. The design is found in the company’s new Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case.

The Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case was developed as the solution to a common problem, which Linda McNeil of Primed4U summarized, “Prior to the release of the Slim Elegance Series case, there was a lack of protective fashion cell phone cases on the market. In order to make a case protective, competitors simply use thick plastic to insulate cases. While this may be effective, it ruins the pleasing aesthetics of the iPhone 6 and results in a case that is bulky, awkward and visually unappealing.”

By focusing on keeping the design of the Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case as slim as possible, the engineers at Primed4U were able to develop an alternative to the bulky phone cases that had become the industry standard for 360-degree drop protection. With the Slim Elegance case in place, an iPhone 6 measures only 8.7 millimeters in thickness, compared to 6.9 millimeters without the case. The difference is less than 2 millimeters, giving the case a much slimmer profile than others.

While the Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case is a fraction of the size of other smartphone cases, it provides full protection for a phone. The hard polycarbonate exterior provides drop protection for the backs and sides of phones. Plus, it features an .8 millimeter lip to protect iPhone 6 screens. A microfiber inner layer keeps the surface of the iPhone free of scratches. The case also has a matte finish to make it easy for users to hold onto. This greatly decreases the risk of users dropping their phones.

The Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case is currently being sold only at

More information about the phone case can be obtained by visiting

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