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Primed4U Unveils New Innovative Cell Phone Case Feature That Improves iPhone 6 Photo Quality

New York, NY (USA)

Primed4U, a manufacturer and retailer of accessories for iPhone smartphones, has introduced an iPhone 6 case with a feature that will help users take more impressive photographs. The case is called the Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case.

With the release of the iPhone 6, Apple introduced a new optical image stabilization technology that cuts down on shakiness to help users take clearer, high-resolution photographs with their smartphones. This feature is part of what’s driving sales of the iPhone 6 to break all records previously set by Apple smartphones.

Although the image stabilization technology used in the iPhone 6 is state-of-the-art, users may still experience some problems with photo clarity if they choose to use an ordinary smartphone case. As Mark Matthews of Primed4U explained, “Cases are necessities for thin smartphones like the iPhone 6, but many iPhone 6 covers diminish picture quality because the case creates a glare when the flash engages. When we were designing the Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case, we wanted to create a case that would enhance, not detract from the smartphone’s ability to take impressive photos.”

After research and testing, Primed4U engineered a different kind of opening around the camera on the iPhone 6. Unlike the cutouts on conventional smartphone cases, the Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case has a flash diffuser line that distributes the light produced by the phone’s integrated LED flash more evenly when a photo is taken.

“Our testing and consumer experience since we launched the Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case have shown that the diffuser line results in clearer photographs. The feature combines perfectly with the image stabilization technology from Apple, ensuring that users are able to take the highest quality photographs,” stated Matthews.

The Primed4U Slim Tough Series iPhone 6 Case is available on Amazon.

More information about the flash diffuser line or the product in general can be obtained at

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