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Primed4U Introduces Design Innovation Providing Unparalleled Security With New Iphone 6 Wallet Case

New York, NY (USA)

Primed4U, a designer, manufacturer and retailer of iPhone accessories, has developed a secure magnetic lock button clasp that greatly reduces the risk of valuables becoming lost and smartphones becoming damaged while users are on the go. The feature is found in the company’s new Primed4U Premier Series iPhone 6 Wallet Case.

The Primed4U Premier Series iPhone 6 Wallet Case is a slim, high quality smartphone case that doubles as a wallet. In addition to a secure polycarbonate-backed cradle designed to the exact specifications of the iPhone 6, the case also includes two credit card slots, a cash compartment and an ID window. The case allows users to carry all of their most valuable personal belongings along with their smartphone in one case to make traveling easier.

One common problem among other wallet cases on the market today is a lack of security. As Mark Matthews of Primed4U explains, “When we were developing the Primed4U Premier Series iPhone 6 Wallet Case, we looked at many wallet cases from other competitors and saw that nearly all of them had only Velcro or a simple metal snap closure. Our testing showed that these cases could come open very easily, allowing credit cards, cash and the iPhone to fall out. We developed the closure mechanism for the Premier Series case to eliminate this problem and finally provide consumers with a way to fully protect both their belongings and their phones.”

The Primed4U Premier Series iPhone 6 Wallet Case has a magnetized lock on the case. While it still provides quick and easy access to both the phone and the wallet section of the case, the mechanism makes it unlikely that the case will open when being removed or replaced in a pocket or bag. The secure magnetic lock combines with other safety features like a non-slip textured surface on the leather case to make the Premier Series case a viable choice for anyone looking for a highly secure wallet-style smartphone case.

To learn more, visit the official product page.

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