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Primed4U Introduces Designer Phone Case For Mixing And Matching An Iphone To Clothes

New York, NY (USA)

Primed4U, a manufacturer and retailer of premium quality iPhone accessories has developed a slider-style phone case that allows women and men to coordinate their smartphones with their outfits with greater ease. The case is called the Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case.

Studies show that most people who own an Apple iPhone use their smartphones on a daily basis and carry them with them on the go. As Linda McNeil of Primed4U explains, “Many people, especially women aged 18 to 48, state that they consider their smartphone cases to be fashion accessories, and that they purposefully choose cell phone cases to complement their outfits. We wanted to create an iPhone 6 case that was truly a fashion accessory that could be customized to suit a user’s mood and daily outfit.”

The Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case has a two-piece design, and the top and bottom pieces vary in color for an eye-catching effect. There are currently four colors available in the Elegance Series:

– Aqua Blue and Teal
– Black and Champagne Gold
– Rose Lemonade & Gold
– Mint Cream & Gold

Because the bottoms and the tops of the Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Cases are separate, users can purchase multiple cases and mix and match tops and bottoms to create different looks and have different cell phone cases to go with various items in their wardrobe.

While the Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case was made with careful attention to design, the iPhone case is not just aesthetically pleasing. The case offers 360-degree drop protection and comes with a lifetime replacement or refund guarantee due to its quality.

“It was important to us that the Elegance Series cases be in line with our usual high standards for protection, so we added features like a protective lip for the front of the phone and a scratch-resistant microfiber lining to the design,” said Linda McNeil when asked about the functional aspect of the phone case.

The Primed4U Slim Elegance Series 2-piece iPhone 6 Case is currently available for purchase at

Those interested in seeing the case and learning more about its features should visit the product’s official sales page on the online marketplace store.

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