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Primed4U Introduces New High Performance Activity Bluetooth Headphones

New York, NY (USA) Primed4U, a manufacturer and retailer of mobile device accessories for iPhone and Android phones, has developed a stylish high performance bluetooth headphone for active people.


The argument against wireless headphones used to be that they don´t sound very good. With new technology and design that is an overblown concern. The Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headphones offer a strong mid range hi-fidelity sound quality and noise reduction.


“Most customers want headphones that won´t get tangled when they take off their coat or pull them out of their pocket. That is the wireless part. However, customers also expect performance, and rightfully so. Therefore we made the bluetooth signal stronger taking into account that the body is the wireless signal´s worst enemy. This makes our bluetooth headphones very reliable.” Mark Matthews of Primed4U explained.


Another argument used to be that wireless headphones have batteries that eventually need to be charged. The minimalistic design makes the Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Headphones much lighter than other alternatives on the market today while the rechargeable battery still boasts a long life. The headphones have enhanced battery life with up to 150 hours of standby time or many hours of listening to music. The talk time when on the phone tops out at about 6 hours.


“Many other improvements are small but they add up to something significant and whether customers want to use the wireless headphones on airplanes, during workout, while brushing their teeth, or at the office, we want them to be easy to use and super comfortable. So any handsfree functionality will seamlessly transfer from your device.” said Matthews.


The Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are available for purchase from


More information about the wireless earphones can be found on the product’s official sales page.