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About us

About us

We’re a passionate team dedicated to providing people and companies with premium mobile and electronics accessories at affordable prices.

Our innovative designs and well crafted accessories aid people in achieving their preferred lifestyle and help businesses improve productivity and let its employees work from virtually anywhere.

Our founder travelled the world for many years building companies and was constantly on the look out for great accessories to help improve his lifestyle and make life more productive. Often he found that available accessories weren´t made with the customer in mind. He wanted to fill this gap.

Now we have customers all over the world and some of the very best talents working hard to exceed our customers´ expectations. And, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our products to stay true to our commitment of 100% customer satisfaction.

Actions mean more than a 1000 words,

  • You are our top priority.
  • Your feedback is priceless and we take action on your suggestions.
  • You are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.